Pepping up your Summer Holidays with Top 5 Trending Nail Arts

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Well the best part of Nail Art is that even if you mess up, you can just wipe it off and begin again. You’ve got a second and the third and n number of chances until you get it straight. Well it’s not that complicated; all you need to do is grab a chilling drink, set back and relax and just go through this newest blog on TBL. All you got to know are these 5 coolest Nail Trends before your next manicure and you’re back on the Style track.
Number one for our to-do list is, Metallic Mosaic

Metallic polishes and chunky mosaic does the work for you. There’s a lot to experiment with. How about some Shimmery polishes and Chunky glitter top coats?
Wondering how it works after all? Well thanks to the special Alcohol which is what causes the Mosaic effect. Have a look at some of the best looks.

Coming up on the next one, we have Pierced and Pointed Nails

Well don’t you worry about it; all you need to make sure is that you don’t hit somebody hard with that!
There’s a lot behind this recent fashion’s obsession. Long, Acrylic and pointed nails punctured with metal chains or circular rings are adding on a big drama.

Well don’t be amazed! We have a lot more coming up for you.
Remember drawing lines in Kindergarten?

Yes, we are telling to draw them again! C’mon not on paper but yes definitely on your nails. Don’t appear to be so shocked, All lined up nails are the third coolest nail art trend. Sharp lines of all kinds come out as the clear winner this season.

Paint them all

Got your manicure done and can’t decide which colour to paint on them? Well not now, just grab them all. Yes, we are very serious about it. Don’t panic and just grab a three, a four or five colours for that matter. Stop debating with yourself and just paint them all different. Bingo! There you go.


Holographic Nails

By now you must have seen them flooding in your Instagram feed, not talking about people getting hitched around; its Holographic nails that we’re talking about. Sparkly, Colourful and yet so pretty, this trend is one of the fastest growing nail trend.



Hope that this time when you go for your manicure, you’d be quite enlightened about how to go about your nails for a perfect vacation. Well, whichever nail art you choose, you are bound to end up with something that’ll wow your friends!


Stay Bizarre Stay Styish


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