The power house behind Simran Chabbra Jewels

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It’s been 1 year 4 months 6 days since we launched our baby brand ‘That Bizarre label’. We have worked with many brands, many blogs and umpteen events. But 1 brand has been very close to our existence i.e SIMRAN CHHABRA

Here’s a quick chat session with her to know the jewellery princess more closely:

  1. What’s the idea and motivation behind brand SIMRAN CHHABRA ?                                                                         My life is my motivation and my inspiration. I wanted to create things that we see in our day to day lives in a way that people can dress themselves up with them but in a different manner with a twist thats how SIMRAN CHHABRA came into existence.   divalicious_0009
  2. Did you face any major difficulties in the initial stages?                                                                                                 Not really except the competition these days because there are so many accessory brands these days. Its a little difficult to make your brand visible to the masses but thankfully that stage passed and now we have a loyal set of customers and we aim for getting a lot more on board.  earrings_8
  3. How has been your journey so for?                                                                                                                                      The journey has been challenging but mesmerizing at the same time. Challenging because of the competition i’ll say but then I feel that’s what makes one stand out and mesmerizing because am seeing my dream alive in front of me. So i would say its been a mix. IMG_6201_blog
  4. Future plans on making the brand scale up?                                                                                                                     For now I want to work with various designers domestically and internationally and that’s how I want to get better and the best. Rest its just the beginning there’s more and more to come. rsz_untitled-design-8
  5. Any message you want to give to the ‘young’ women entrepreneurs of India?
    First I strongly believe in this Japanese quote –
    Fall down seven times, stand up eight. No matter how many times you fail don’t lose hope, get up shake off the dust and start again.
    Second keep your eyes open always, anything and everything can inspire you and can therefore become an opportunity for any entrepreneurial venture.

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  • Chaicy

    December 13, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    You have a fun line of jewelry there, Love the ear piece Simran is Wearing.

    Style.. A Pastiche! – New OOTD Post


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