Magic happens, when TBL Shoe-per Girls set foot in Nine West

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Just when we thought that the summer couldn’t get any hotter, we were asked to check out Nine West’s scorching new Spring/Summer ’15 collection for #9WBloggerHunt, and what a collection it has turned out to be!

We could go on raving about the subtle fusion of shimmer and pastels or the heels being taken to a new level of sexy and wedges finding a new degree of cool, but we just thought it would make way more sense to put you in our shoes and show you around store in our own way.

What follows are 9 Dubsmashes that we shot with the new Spring/Summer ’15 collection of Nine West, as our tribute to your Shoe-per Girl spirit. Enjoy!

1. Remember how Big proposed Carrie in Sex and the City? Lucky is the girl who finds a man so perfect that instead of a rock, he proposes with those pumps that instantly become her all-time favourite.


2. A Shoe-per Girl can don any colour, doesn’t matter if it’s black or white!



3. Some boots are made for walking, but a rare few are made for rocking!



4. The temptation of a Nine West bag can transform even Snow White into the evil queen!



5. Oh, there’s Mr. Right! Now let’s look for the Left!



6. Wherever the Shoe-per Girl goes,

They all wait for her to “Strike a Pose”



7. You gotta be cool
You gotta be calm

You gotta love the new 9W SS15



8. Just like us Shoe-per Girls, there’s more to Nine West than just trendy, comfy shoes!



9. And quoting the words of the “drangon lady” Miranda Priestly,



Nine West’s new collection compelled us to use a new medium to show how every Nine West Girl is a true Shoe-per Girl. Hence, we just let the shoes talk! Because a good pair of shoes talks a lot about one’s personality.





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